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Looking for a ‘Driving School Casino’?

Maybe a ‘Driving School Ballina’?

Or perhaps a ‘Driving School Lismore’?

Have you been looking for a ‘Driving School Casino’? Maybe a ‘Driving School Ballina’? Or maybe a ‘Driving School Lismore’?

If so, you’ve just found one of the best.


Lismore-Ballina-Casino Driving School (aka Professional Driving Consultancy (PDC)) has been providing driving lessons in the NSW RMS driving test areas of Lismore, Ballina and Casino to 3000+ clients since 1993.

(In addition PDC has recently begun, via Driving School Getaway, to invite potential clients from inner Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane to restructure and deepen their driving skills in our beautiful Northern Rivers.)

Sessions of 1, 1½ hours, 2 hours (or even longer with free breaks), are offered at very competitive rates. Firstly the longer sessions maximise the available driver training time. Secondly they minimise inconvenience to out-of-town clients. Thirdly they also avoid a separate ‘travelling fee’. And further savings are offered when a series of these sessions is booked. 5% discount for 3 or more 2 hour sessions. 10% discount for 5 or more 2 hour sessions.

Furthermore Charles knows how very important it is for clients to feel comfy, content and relaxed when they’re learning to drive. So he provides free pick-up and drop off. And he drives clients – free – to quiet, easy and picturesque start-off locations.

'Driving school Casino', 'driving school Ballina' or 'driving school Lismore' - Lismore start -off

Quiet scenic Lismore start-off street.

'Driving school Casino', 'driving school Ballina' or 'driving school Lismore': Ballina start-off.

Quiet, scenic Ballina start-off street

Graduated Learning

Unlike many driving schools and instructors, Charles sees you as a client – a colleague – as you learn to drive.

Conventional driving schools will start you off in heavier traffic. The Lismore-Ballina-Casino Driving School helps you develop coordination in light traffic. It then guides you in moderate traffic. In heavier traffic flows Charles affirms your increasingly deep hazard perception and avoidance skills.

Charles ensures a gradual increase in traffic density. Firstly you will be introduced to reversing exercises in wide and lightly trafficked streets. Secondly your traffic flow driving skills will be developed on wide, moderately trafficked streets. Thirdly you’ll negotiate bigger roundabouts on moderately trafficked multi-laned roads. Finally when your driving skills permit, you’ll encounter hazardous densely trafficked city streets. And crowded supermarket car parks!

The Lismore-Ballina-Casino Driving School offers

  • Firstly, ‘active lateral learning’ (e.g. visualisation).
  • Secondly, easy, laid-back client-centered training.
  • Thirdly, the super-safe and super-ecological Toyota Prius as an automatic learn to drive car.
  • Fourthly, the dynamic and all-wheel-drive safe Subaru Impreza as a manual learn to drive car.
  • Finally, its unique and detailed Dynamic Defensive Driving (‘3D’) WorkSheet.
  • Most noteworthy: the 3D WorkSheet quickens a mastery of your manouvering skills. And it accurately photographs the depth of your ‘3D’ skills.
The ecological Toyota Prius: Automatic car for 'driving school Casino', 'driving school Ballina' or 'driving school Lismore'.

Super safe, ecologically excellent automatic car

Subaru Impreza: manual car for 'Driving School Casino', 'Driving School Ballina' or 'Driving School Lismore'.

All-wheel-drive safety: manual car

The 3D WorkSheet is especially relevant.

  • Firstly it lets you see exactly what you need to do, beforehand, in complex exercises like three-point turns and reverse parallel parking.
  • Secondly it enables you to deepen your skills in (free) private practice.
  • and it also boosts the confidence of your supervising driver!

By completing the 3D CourseWork (including a 3D Assessment) at the very start of your learning to drive, you will quickly start to drive skilfully and independently. Precisely what you’ll need to do in your driving test and on your ‘P’s.

The Lismore-Ballina-Casino Driving School also conducts free Keys2Drive sessions.

And its 3D Assessments and Older Driver Assessments use the types of roads and streets which the driving test uses.

‘Driving School Casino’? Or ‘Driving School Ballina’? Maybe ‘Driving School Lismore’?

You’ve found the best.

So reach out beyond conventional conventions.

Ring Charles on 0412 22 3333 to start your private practice with deepenable and dimensional driving skills.

Your friends, relatives – and, furthermore, your parents – will thank you for ever!!!